50% less memory usage, x3 faster applications, Improved user adoption. That’s why customers love this service. The review covers your Qlik infrastructure and environment, as well as scripts loading and objects visualization of selected QlikView or Qlik Sense application. A detailed report will contain recommendations, which are intended to reduce memory usage, response-time, load script performance, data-model efficiency and conformance with good design practices. Findings will be compiled into a report. We will also suggest that you apply some of the quick fixes instantly, as a part of the Health Check session, so you could enjoy immediate improvements.

Service is provided off-site with no disruption of your users. We will ask you and your users to give responses to the health-check questionnaire before commencing the service. Health Check will require a supervised remote access to your Qlik Server for up to 8 hours, plus access to the application scripts and UI. You will get a full report within 5 working days and a list of instant improvements to apply.

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