Consider moving to Sense? We believe it’s high time to start. We’ve done it ourselves and helped others many times.
Mind the challenge: Sense is now better than View, but very different. You’ll need a set of new skills to build it perfectly. Use-cases should also be changed, as user-customization is now even easier The number of mobile device users is expected to grow rapidly.

There are two ways to accomplish migration:
1. Deploy new apps from your backlog on Sense, take a look and feel the difference, fine-tune your expectations and then move old apps from View one-by-one.
2. Revise your needs, issues and actual usage and re-build a new set of apps on Sense, leveraging on data and use-cases that you could rely on based on your QlikView experience.

We could help you with both of them. Start with
Health Check, let us know about your decision to migrate and we will guide you through, providing resources or service you are missing.

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