• Are you completely satisfied with the application response time?
  • Need longer nights to reload data?
  • Looking for a way to postpone upgrading memory of your Qlik servers?
  • Getting ready for increase in user-count?
  • Having usability issues with mobile users?
  • Want to ensure that you’ve got the right quality app?

We are here to help.

Qlik enables developers to use an agile approach with the development of the applications, bringing quick results from your efforts and investments . Its side effect is inefficient data model and script, which reduces performance of the application or uses more resources than required. It is a big challenge to fix that with the resources engaged in the initial development and it’s always better to have a fresh look of another Qlik professional.

This service is provided on T&M basis remotely or on-site, and helps our customers to address known issues, or Health Check recommendations. Estimation of required efforts will be provided by Health Check report. We will engage a professional data architect as well as a developer and an administrator, where necessary.

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