Power KPI

Business analysts like numbers. It is hard to understand and analyze a lot of numbers without a proper user-friendly representation. Modern business apps must have not only beautifully designed responsive dashboards and views in accordance with corporate styles but they have to allow you to surf the data easily- switching from one business data-aware context to another in just one click. It’s like surfing the web. Just click and go.
Sometimes to satisfy business requirements and corporate styles it is necessary to use a lot of extensions and even build custom mashups. You need to have web designers, frontend developers and javascript gurus to make stunning-looking and interactive dashboards.
We provide a component which allows you to visually design responsive and interactive user experience for Qlik Sense: from simple KPI’s to interactive detailed views and tables.

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Simple KPI

“Simple KPI” component for Qlik Sense. It can show one or several KPI using measures and one dimension.

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Simple List

“Simple List” component allows you to make selection in a field using predefined render options: buttons, check boxes, switch, select. There is a limitation for displayed items: no more than 1000 items can be shown. “Always one selected value” option allows you to make selection in a field when the sheet is opened.


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Simple Popup

“Simple Popup” extension allows you to add button to a sheet which will allows you to open a popup dialog with any info text which can be defined as an expression. Markdown can be used to format the text displayed in the popup dialog. There is also a possibility to insert master objects in the text displayed in the popup.

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