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Power KPI

Power KPI allows to:

  • Expand visualization capabilities in Qlik Sense for Pixel Perfect design.
  • Merge cells the same way as in Microsoft Excel, change the size of columns and rows, use various formatting styles - font, color, background, cell borders, text alignment in cells.
  • Extend functionality and interoperability while designing dashboards in Qlik Sense due to action libraries.
  • Manage data display by using visualization templates, conditionally or interactively.
  • Use true mobile responsive design.

Power KPI – a new way of visualising your data in Qlik Sense

It opens for you a whole range of new capabilities that dramatically improves Qlik Sense user experience. Power KPI is a one-stop-shop for the following:

Visual editor

Design responsive data views in accordance with business requirements and corporate styles using spreadsheet-like visual editor: use actions, fonts, icons, backgrounds, colors, borders, images, alignments, etc.

Action Library

Reduce number of clicks and improve usability of your dashboards by applying actions to any PowerKPI object of your dashboard. Apply actions to navigate through application, drill-down and drill-around, open pop-ups, make selections, change dimensions and many more. Choose out of 37 predefined actions to automate your dashboards

Fonts, Images, Icons

Need to get a more expressive way of visualizing KPIs? Just select and apply the appropriate font, set text color, vertical and/or horizontal alignment, make it responsive, multiline for a long text, or add images and icons to make your KPIs more readable!


Use histogram or bullet chart to visualize KPIs. Embed master visualizations using standard Qlik charts

Pop-ups and tooltips

Use custom popup dialogues and tooltips with a HTML formatted content and embedded Qlik Sense and PowerKPI visualisation objects

Alternative dimensions and measures

Cyclic groups feature is now available in Qlik Sense! The action will allow users to interactively select an alternative dimension or a measure using special button displayed along with the label

Multiple Hypercubes

Fill same table with dimensions and measures from an alternative hypercube in just one click
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Power KPI Power KPI

What you can achieve with Power KPI?

Add more features to Qlik Sense applications

  • Remove bounds from the way of KPI’s visualization.
  • Let users drill down their KPI’s with a single click
  • Reveal details as needed – from general KPI’s to detailed views in just one tap.

Find out new ways of data visualization

  • Put more meaningful data in tables with multi-row headers, icons and multiple colours.
  • Improve literacy and reduce end-user learning cycle with the help of tooltips and pop-up dialogues.
  • Tell the full story within a single screen.

Make the process of development faster and easier

  • Get the same or better results as with mashups, but with no need in web-development.
  • Achieve five-second dashboard rule within just a single component.
  • Encourage explpration by building actionable dashboards that will guide a user through the app.
Power KPI is available by annual subscription. Fee doesn’t depend on the number of analytical applications


One User

$99 / month

$1188 one time annual payment
per Qlik Sense site <100 users

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per Qlik Sense site 100+ users
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